IELTS Writing Clinic

Our writing clinic is based on a unique and highly effective method of improving your IELTS writing skills.

1. We send you two writing tasks for you to work on. You write your responses to these tasks at home, making sure that you only spend the amount of time permitted in the exam.

2. You send your written work back to us by email and one of our IELTS specialists will mark your work, highlighting your mistakes based on the official IELTS band descriptors.

3. You have a 45-min face-to-face video call with our IELTS specialist during which you will go through your marked work together. You can ask questions and will receive suggestions on how to improve your writing to achieve the test score you need.

4. After the call, we will email you a video of the call, so you can watch it back and use it to correct your mistakes. This method of receiving feedback on your work so that you can correct your mistakes facilitates active learning and is very effective.

You can have a look at an example with feedback from an IELTS teacher by clicking the link below.

Example Writing Clinic Feedback (PDF download)