Register for an IELTS for TfL test

** Book an IELTS for TfL test with us and we give you a month's free access to our Daily IELTS Learning Club! **

You can register for an IELTS for TfL test online. You will need to provide a copy of your passport or EU ID card.

The IELTS test has two versions: 'Academic' or 'General Training'. Both are accepted by TfL. We recommend the General Training version for this purpose.

Application process

You will need to upload or email a scanned copy of your ID. The scanned document must include your ID number, signature, date of birth, photograph and ID expiry date. 

The online application process has two stages:

  1. Register for your IELTS test on the MTS portal of the British Council website. Once you have done this, you will receive a British Council Reference Number. Note that you cannot re-use a reference number from a previous test.
  2. Pay for your IELTS test here within 24 hours of registering it. You will need to have your British Council Reference Number to complete your booking.

1. Register for your IELTS test

Register for your IELTS test on the British Council website

2. Pay for your IELTS test (£200)

Select Test Type
Paper based

West London

The London School of English

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Special arrangements

If you need special arrangements for the test, you will need to let us know in good time and provide supporting evidence.

Once we receive and assess your evidence we will be able to confirm the test date and ask you for additional documents if necessary.

Please note that we cannot guarantee your preferred test date/venue, although we always try to accommodate our candidates’ preferences. If you require a modified version of the IELTS exam materials, you must give us three months’ notice. If you require special arrangements, such as extra time to take your exam, you must give us six weeks' notice.

Read more about special requirements on our FAQ page