Invigilators and test centre supervisors

MTS has a combined force of around 300 invigilators operating in the UK and Ireland. Our invigilators are locally sourced and undergo intensive training and monitoring sessions conducted by internal auditors and Test Day Supervisors. MTS has over 20 specialist invigilator trainers who continually run training sessions across the UK and Ireland.

The Test Day Supervisors (MTS has a total of 36, many working with us for over 10 years) can also perform the role of Equipment Supervisors, managing video recording for all our centres. Our Test Day Supervisor group is able to be deployed both locally and regionally. We also have a small number of super-local Test Day Supervisors in certain cities. All of our Test Day Supervisors sign a letter of engagement with MTS which sets out their compliance, security and data protection requirements with regard to candidate, venue and secure materials management.

Regular monitoring of the Test Day Supervisors by senior staff is conducted from within our business support team and test venues to ensure full compliance.

MTS also has a force of over 200 examiners operating in the UK and Ireland. These examiners make up a flexible and mobile workforce that can be deployed to various testing locations around the country for both written and spoken components of tests.

We can provide invigilators, test centre supervisors and examiners for your exam.

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