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Little and often fills the purse

Yvert de Souza By Yvert de Souza on 19 Aug 2020
Tags: How we learn

The idea behind this idiom is that regular, small doses can build up to something quite significant over time. In this article I explore how this concept can be applied to learning English as a second language. We will hear the story of Katie, who followed a steady, regular and convenient study routine that worked wonders for her. If you want to make good progress in your own English learning journey, read on.

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Are you hangry? Chillax, and we’ll have a cronut for brunch!

Matthew Clay By Matthew Clay on 07 Mar 2020
Tags: Rhetoric

You’ve probably seen lots of portmanteau words in English. But what are portmanteau words? Are they all slang words? And how can analysing them help ESL learners? Read on to find out more about this particularly joyful aspect of English word play, the source of many contemporary new words.

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Why should I read novels to improve my English?

Sona Lisa Bose By Sona Lisa Bose on 14 Aug 2019
Tags: How we learn

One of the things about language learning is that there’s always things you can do to get better: to move up from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced, to proficient. Even native speakers are always discovering new words or idioms that they didn’t know before. If you want to improve your fluency, then reading a book in its original English is a great way to do this. So go ahead and abandon that translation of Harry Potter you’ve got on the shelf – reach for the English version instead.

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We have landed in Guildford!

Michal Mazanek By Michal Mazanek on 24 Jul 2019
Tags: News

Following the closure of the University of Surrey's IELTS operations in June 2019, MTS is pleased to announce that it was successful in winning a competitive tender recently put out by the British Council, granting the rights to re-commence IELTS English language testing in Guildford.

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