About Us

Mobile Testing Solutions (MTS) Ltd was founded in 2013 by Michal Mazanek to provide high quality exam services to examination boards and online teaching to students. The company has global reach and is based in west London.

MTS aims to break down barriers to test delivery, running paper-based and computer-based tests in a flexible way, working primarily in venues in many different cities across the UK and Ireland and with an additional growing international (outside of UK and Ireland) arm of the business.

We take a ‘can-do’ dynamic approach and are experienced at delivering large numbers of tests at a professional level.

We specialise in high-stake tests such as IELTS, ACCA, Secure English Language tests, and tests for UKVI purposes. We are experts in the growing fields of computer-delivered testing and remote proctoring.

Our expertise and experience

The CEO of MTS, Michal Mazanek, previously worked as Head of Open Exam Centres at Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, at the time the largest IELTS Test Centre in Europe. He has an outstanding track record for test growth and delivery. 

He works on a consultancy basis for the British Council as an IELTS auditor. He is a teacher trainer and together with his team delivers regular imposter detection training for high-risk tests and exam boards.

MTS currently operates in 24 cities across the UK and Ireland, delivering IELTS, Cambridge Testing and Cambridge English exams. We currently facilitate examinations for over 45,000 candidates a year.

MTS has a mobile fleet of 250 high specification computers and 10 servers which can be deployed anywhere in the UK. This allows us to run computer-based tests in venues accommodating up to 150 candidates. We have access to around 3,000 computer terminals.

We are also growing our business to also cover remote invigilation (proctoring) services for global clients who are turning to this new way of invigilating examinations of all types.

Business infrastructure

We have venues and exam staff in 24 cities across the UK and Ireland:

Belfast Birmingham Brighton
Cardiff Coventry Dublin
Edinburgh Galway Glasgow
Guildford Ipswich Lancaster
Limerick Liverpool
Milton Keynes
Plymouth Portsmouth Preston

Serving these venues and exam staff, MTS has a strong and experienced London-based business support team, supporting the delivery of over 45,000 tests per year. The team is able to carry out test preparation, post-test and customer service functions. Our structure enables us to process large numbers of candidates and gives us a highly scalable model for both peaks and troughs in test demand.

MTS has a combined force of over 200 examiners operating in the UK and Ireland. These examiners make up a flexible and mobile workforce that can be deployed to various testing locations around the country for both written and spoken components of tests. In addition, MTS has a combined force of around 300 invigilators operating in the UK and Ireland. Our invigilators are locally sourced and undergo intensive training and monitoring sessions conducted by internal auditors and Test Day Supervisors. MTS has over 20 specialist invigilator trainers who continually run training sessions across the UK and Ireland.

The Test Day Supervisors (MTS has a total of 36, many working with us for over 10 years) can also perform the role of Equipment Supervisors, managing video recording for all our centres. Our Test Day Supervisor group is able to be deployed both locally and regionally. We also have a small number of super-local Test Day Supervisors in certain cities. All of our Test Day Supervisors sign a letter of engagement with MTS which sets out their compliance, security and data protection requirements with regard to candidate, venue and secure materials management.

Regular monitoring of the Test Day Supervisors by senior staff is conducted from within the business support team and test venues to ensure full compliance.

MTS Online School

Our innovative Online School puts students directly in touch with some of the best English teachers in the UK. The Online School is a virtual classroom accessed via the internet. All our online classes are taught live in real time.

We pride ourselves in bringing high quality affordable English language teaching to students all over the world.

International capability

We have particular expertise in these countries:

  • United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Brazil: Rio De Janeiro, Salvador, Vitoria
  • Croatia: Osijek
  • Cyprus: Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia
  • Pakistan: Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore
  • Panama: Panama City
  • Poland: Kraków, Łódź, Katowice, Warsaw, Wrocław
  • Portugal: Lisbon
  • Romania: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi
  • Serbia: Belgrade

MTS is a global company, and can negotiate business in any other country or jurisdiction on arrangement.